A common misconception that we try to tackle everyday, is that Habitat homes are easy to “pick out” of a neighborhood at first glance. We take particular pride at our affiliate in making sure the homes we build are in the same style, as nice if not nicer, than what is already available where we build. 


When Habitat homes are built in an area, we’ve found that it can actually influence the overall value of the homes around them, either because of how well-built they are or because we’ve facilitated neighborhood revitalization by tearing down dilapidated or otherwise condemned housing and building new homes. 


Not only do property values increase in these areas, the homeowners are paying real estate taxes and reinvesting in their community. Families that have gone through Central Valley Habitat’s program contribute approximately $35,000 in real estate taxes each year. 


So what do the homes we build look like?


1. Landscaping

Landscaping is a large part of what visually and intentionally completes the look of a home, and we don’t overlook the importance of what even a little bit of landscaping can do. We want our families to feel at home, so we work with landscaping companies and Central Shenandoah Valley Master Gardeners to create a landscaping plan for each home that we complete. 


Recently, we completed two duplexes at Roberts Ct. in Harrisonburg, one of which was landscaped by a professional company and one by the local chapter of Master Gardeners. The two worked together with us to make sure that their designs would be cohesive, and that they would match in scale with the other homes around the duplexes. 


Afterwards, Master Gardeners usually pass along information booklets to the families about how to take care of their plants and landscaping so that it will continue to flourish in the future. 

2. Home Design

When we work on the design of a home, many factors come into play, including lot size, neighborhood, cost, and more. The general design is completed by either an engineering company or from one of our many designs compiled over the years. Currently, we’ve worked with both Blue Ridge Architects and Lantz construction on home designs, as well as some of our experienced volunteers retired from the home design and construction business. 


If you are part of a company that is in a position to donate the services of designing a home, you can contact and work with us in the future as we continue with the builds we have planned in 2020 and 2021.

3. Color Scheme and Appearance

When it comes to color scheme and appearance, many people don’t realize that we work one-on-one with the families as they select everything from the color of their shutters, siding and shingles to the selection of their appliances and fixtures. 


When we reach the point in the building process where we need to make a decision about outward design, the family comes in and sits down with us to work on creating a cohesive look to their home. We have partnerships with companies around the valley where we can offer the families quality choices for highly affordable costs, so that their home is a point of pride and an attractive addition to any neighborhood. 

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