We are fortunate to be located in a giving, generous and faith-filled area! Harrisonburg and Rockingham County have more faith organizations than we can count, including churches, synagogues, and Islamic centers. With a community that is so faith oriented, we feel like we can work together to support each other’s mission in the community.


Central Valley Habitat for Humanity is, at its heart, a christian organization, founded on our mission: Seeking to put God’s love into action, Central Valley Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities, and hope.


We believe in working with everyone to advocate for and build safe, decent and affordable housing in the Harrisonburg/Rockingham community.


If you or your organization has been wondering how you can help support us and the community, we have a few options for how you can get involved!


Faith Liaisons

The first way that you can begin your faith organization’s journey with Habitat for Humanity is to appoint a faith liaison. This is an individual from your organization that checks in with us or provides us with contact information so that we can let your group know when we need support.


You don’t have to be a pastor or a member of the board or council to be a faith liaison, you could be a congregation member, secretary, bible study group, and much more!


It’s important to us that we communicate with the churches and other faiths in the community, because our mission is one that we can all work towards together.


All you need to do is find someone at your organization that is interested and get them in contact with us. You can either call the office at (540) 828-6288 or email kirsten@centralvalleyhabitat.org.


We’ll start communicating with the faith liaison when we have upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and need for sponsors, and we will also ask what your organization needs from us! We don’t want this to be a one sided relationship, let us know how we can help further your mission in the community as well.


Church Relations Committee


Church relations committee is made up of members from local faith organizations, pastors, church representatives, and Habitat staff. This committee works on connecting with churches by creating faith-related events and initiatives, recruiting faith volunteers, and planning faith build projects.


We are currently working on a faith build that would involve many groups in our community, including Interfaith and other organizations. You can follow the same steps as above to let us know that you’re interested in joining us!


The committee meets once per month in the afternoon, so if you’re interested in joining us let us know! The next meeting is May 14 at 2:30 PM.

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