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Fill out the following form completely and we will add you to our volunteer email list. Look for volunteer opp emails once every week or two.

Check boxes on days you are available to volunteer.

Please read the following carefully.  Do not be concerned if you do not have a lot of skills.

Choose your areas of interest and indicate the appropriate skill level number.

Do not mark any activities in which you have no interest regardless of skill level.



    Skill Level #1: Highly skilled, professional, able to layout materials, work, and oversee others.

    Skill Level #2: Skilled worker, will accept responsibility for own activities and tools.

    Skill Level #3: Specific interest, but little or no practical experience.

There are many other ways to help Central Valley Habitat. Please indicate your interest in the following committees and office assistance.

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Remember to go to the volunteer schedule

to sign up for specific volunteer jobs and events.

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