Collaboration with Guests Kyle Purcell and Michelle Rajs from James Madison University


This April, the Harrisonburg/Rockingham Community has a chance to give back en masse to their local nonprofit organizations!


The Great Community Give is an annual day of giving put on by the Community Foundation of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County, where nonprofits in the area encourage donors to give to their organization and help raise money for specific causes.


This year, Central Valley Habitat for Humanity is raising money to fund a third duplex at Roberts Ct. in Harrisonburg as part of our Beloved Community Build. We are partnering with Habitats all over the country to build a beloved global community where everyone deserves a decent place to call home.


This build would allow us to place another two families at Roberts Ct. and create a small Habitat community of homeowners that can support each other well into the future.


By donating to us during the Great Community Give, you’re helping tackle the issue of affordable housing in our area and provide two local families with their dreams of becoming homeowners.


In order to make this day of giving the most successful one yet, we’ve partnered with two students from James Madison University to develop a Great Community Give game plan!


The Plan


The Great Community Give partners with nonprofit organizations and gives them the opportunity to gain sponsors and donations through a one-day online giving event.  


The Great Community Give is on April 17th from 6:30 am to 8:00 pm. The Community Foundation’s goal for the event is to raise $330,000 for the 60 organizations taking part in the day of giving. Central Valley Habitat for Humanity participated last year and gained $5,000 in donations.


The goal for this upcoming year is to increase CVHFH’s donations significantly by raising $35,000 by the end of the day.

Each hour of the day comes with prizes that organizations can win. We’re encouraging all of our supporters to donate between 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM, the hour right before lunch. If we can score the greatest amount of donors during that time, we can win an extra $1000 toward our goal!


The minimum donation amount is $10.00. Go online on your smartphone or computer between 11:00 AM and 12:00 and donate the minimum amount, and then encourage everyone you know to do the same! We can win extra money to support families!


This is important, don’t schedule donations ahead of time! We have no control over when the bank will actually take the money, and if it doesn’t arrive on that day, it won’t count! So, when it rolls around to April 17, go here to click and pledge and make your donation!


Kyle Purcell and Michelle Rajs from James Madison University


“In order to accomplish these goals, we have laid out a few topics that they would like us to focus on. These topics include improving their social media outreach, implementing easier ways to donate online, and planning and organizing an event in Harrisonburg the day of The Community Give.”

  1. Social Media: Through outreach on Habitat for Humanities Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube accounts, we hope to raise awareness for the community give.   We will also be reaching out to radio stations. Our goal is that by communicating with the local community through different avenues we will be able to reach a wide audience and raise $35,000 for Center Valley Habitat for Humanity on the day of giving.
  2. Online donations: The fundraising platform, Click and Pledge, is being used by the organization to collect donations. The website will be published on our media outlets. We plan on creating a video about the houses that Central Valley has built in hopes of attracting more donors through Click and Pledge
  3. Event Planning: The event is planned to introduce Habitat to the community and to attract potential new donors through engaging and fun activities We hope to build a mock shed during the day of giving.  For every $5,000 raised a side of the shed will be put up.


Need help donating or want to take a pledge on social media? Come to our event!

We’ll be set up at our empty lot at 624 Virginia Ave. in Harrisonburg building a shed. Look for the giant banner that says, “Donate Today!” and stop by! We’ll have volunteers standing by to show you how to donate on your smartphone.


Want to be featured on our social media? We’ll be monitoring our donations and thanking donors all day!

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