When life gives you a pandemic, you make lemonade, isn’t that how the saying goes? 




Well, we may not be literally making lemonade over here at Central Valley Habitat for Humanity, but we’re still making the best of a bad situation! 


COVID-19, the novel coronavirus that is causing a world pandemic, won’t stop us from serving the families in need in our community. However, this means that business is not as usual and we’re taking major strides as an organization to stay adaptable, involved, and flexible during these trying times. 


We’re living history, and the way that we operate after this is over will shape the future of not only our organization, but those in our community and those that will continue this work in a world changed by this pandemic. 


Our committee members, staff, board members and volunteers have all been laboring behind the scenes to make sure our work continues, on and off the construction site. We’re still building, we’re still here, and we’re still making a difference for low-income families thanks to the generosity of other essential businesses, such as hardware stores and local subcontractors. 


Annual Fundraising Banquet Moved to Fall 2020


In an effort to maintain the flexibility that everyone needs to have right now, our committee made the decision to move our annual fundraising banquet to Fall of 2020. Normally, this event would take place in the spring, and has for many years; however, desperate times call for careful calculations of safety, success, and thoughtfulness as we consider those that this virus affects most. 


After reviewing all the information, we have decided to move our fundraising banquet to Tuesday, September 8th at the James Madison University Festival Center. This is our largest and most successful fundraiser of the year, and provides our organization with invaluable operating funds that allow us to build more homes for families in need. Last year, we raised thousands of dollars to help us complete our mission, and we were hoping to once again raise money for us to continue our work. 


However, community safety and togetherness is a priority for us, and we want everyone to feel as comfortable as possible attending such an important event. The decision was not made lightly, but everyone agreed that we believed this to be the best course of action for all of our sponsors, table hosts and volunteers. 


By doing this, we hope to continue shaping the future of our organization by keeping the banquet in the fall, allowing many organizations to plan for adding sponsorship into their yearly operating budgets. 


We hope that all of our current sponsors and table hosts that have committed funding will consider maintaining those commitments and shifting them to the banquet in September. We don’t see this as a cancellation, but rather a postponement to a more appropriate time. If you need to cancel your commitment, we completely understand as funding is tight for everyone in such a trying time. Please feel free to contact our organization if so. 


If you feel moved and were not previously planning on sponsoring this event or attending as a table host, please consider doing so! This will give us more time to bring in new sponsors and celebrate new connections within the community. If you’re interested in reviewing these opportunities, please call our office at (540) 828-6288 and let us know you’re interested in sponsoring the banquet, and someone will get back to you.