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Central Valley habitat for Humanity - Bridgewater, VA
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Habitat ReStore Manager

Bridgewater, VA – Fulltime Position 40 hrs/week

Reports to: Executive Director

MISSION: Generate revenue, meet budgets and maintain profitability objectives in support of CVHfH operations through the acquisition, management, and marketing of ReStore products. Create positive visibility and be the face of the affiliate and the ReStore in the local community.


POSITION SUMMARY: Responsible for managing all phases of the ReStore program and operates with guidance and assistance from the ReStore Committee and the Executive Director.



· Drive donations, sales, and profits of the ReStore to further the affiliate’s mission.

· Demonstrate and train volunteers and staff in outstanding service to customers, donors, volunteers, and others.

· Establish and maintain relationships with potential and existing donors, including individuals, businesses, community, and church groups to increase quality and quantity of merchandise donations.

· Ensure ReStore is adequately staffed and operated by volunteers and staff with knowledge, skills, abilities and leadership to accomplish assigned tasks.

· Effectively manage ReStore assets to ensure safety of volunteers, staff, customers, and others, ensuring that licenses and other required information are maintained properly for government bodies and others, as appropriate.

· Responsible for oversight of sales floor, facility, and equipment maintenance.

· Work with the Executive Director to develop and annual operating budget and recommend capital expenditures.


Maintain efficient and effective day-to-day store operations.

· Implement and monitor systems for daily cash transactions and deposits. Track daily, weekly and monthly sales levels, in accordance with goals.

· Monitor expenses to keep within budget.

· Monitor competitive merchandise market environment (pricing and practice) by confirming prices with local vendors, dealers, E-bay, etc.

· Maintain good working relationship with suppliers, staff and volunteers.

· Establish and implement daily store operations and customer service procedures.

· Ensure that all safety and accident/incident reports are prepared on a timely basis.

· Supervise maintenance of facility and equipment.

· Spend time daily on the sales floor.

· Develop and maintain a comprehensive ReStore Operations & Procedures Manual. Review and provide to staff and volunteers, as appropriate.

    ReStore Inventory and Setup

    · Develop strategies for soliciting support and contributions from potential donors and suppliers locally and elsewhere.

    · Develop/review/distribute brochures and other materials describing benefits of ReStore contributions.

    · Approach potential materials donors, establishing partnerships and making the “ask.”

    · Design and manage store inventory layout.

    · Establish merchandise pricing standards, policies and procedures.

    · Ensure that there is a predictable inventory for the ReStore.


    Volunteer Recruitment and Coordination

    · Develop and implement a recruitment strategy to gain volunteers and “market” the ReStore.

    · Orient volunteers and staff to the mission of HFH and the ReStore’s role and responsibility.

    · Provide and review Volunteer Handbook with each volunteer when they join, and require annual review of it, particularly the accident/incident process.

    · Supervise and train all volunteers.

    · Prepare and monitor weekly volunteer schedule to ensure ReStore coverage needs are met.

    · Provide pricing guidance to volunteers.

    · Communicate with volunteers on a regular basis.

    · Conduct speaking engagements as requested/needed.

    · Write and submit volunteer Public Service Announcements to office for dissemination, as needed.

    · Create and maintain volunteer database.

    · Plan and implement special events (e.g., volunteer recognition, etc.).

    · Develop forms and procedures to enhance efficiency.

    · In conjunction with the Executive Director, address volunteer staffing issues, including disciplinary action and dismissal procedures.

    Marketing and Community Relations

    · In consultation with the BV ReStore Manger and the ED, assist in creating and implementing an annual marketing plan that is designed to anticipate and address product shortfalls, issues regarding customer traffic and other factors affecting sales and ReStore image.

    · Represent program through personal contacts and public speaking engagements.

    · Network with other Habitat ReStores for advice and merchandise.

    Manage Day-to-Day Activities Within the Store

    · Manage inventory supply logistics.

    · Assess knowledge and skills of volunteers, assign jobs and train as necessary.

    · Track sales and movement of inventory and re-stock retail areas as needed.

    · Assist customers; assist with pricing; make and record sales.

    · Monitor equipment and arrange for maintenance and repairs.

    General Administrative Duties

    Attend monthly managers meetings, monthly ReStore Committee meeting, and any other appropriate meetings or training opportunities, as required.

    · Prepare monthly sales, donation and financial or statistical reports, as required.

    · Ensure that Executive Director is informed on a regular basis of progress and problems at the store.

    · Handle grievances involving staff, customers, or volunteers.

    · Prepare program/progress reports on a timely basis.

    Develop and Implement Policies and Procedures

    · Identify policies that need to be drafted and recommend modifications to existing policies.

    · Develop and maintain policies and procedures relating to the daily operation of the ReStore.

    Maintain Records

    Post expenditures and receipts on a daily basis.

    · Prepare and make bank deposits.

    · Pursue collection of returned checks.

    · Process charges and credits.

    · Maintain security and ensure sufficient cash is on hand to make change.

    · Convert sales information to tonnage saved from landfills (i.e., waste diversion information).

    · Ensure thank you’s and receipts are issued for donated items.


    Other duties as assigned.

    Required Skills/Experience

    · Self-starter.

    · A minimum of 3 years responsible leadership, directing successful teams and being accountable for meeting specified objectives.

    · Solid interpersonal and communications skills, internally and externally, with groups and individuals.

    · The ability and willingness to call on existing and potential donors to procure merchandise.

    · Demonstrated ability to train, manage, lead, and supervise volunteers and staff with a wide range of skills and abilities in a consistent, positive and safety-conscious manner.

    · Effective time management and organizational skills.

    · Basic computer skills, including spreadsheets, word processing, presentations, and email.

    · A history of successfully adapting to rapidly changing conditions and unexpected shifts in priorities.

    · Working knowledge of retail sales and marketing.


    Ethical leadership demonstrating consistent high standards of integrity and accountability.

    · Excellent leadership skills including: volunteer and/or selection, training, coaching and developing.

    · Team building through positive and effective communications and strong interpersonal skills.

    · Innovation based on sound business acumen and consideration of a range of risk and reward factors.

    · Initative represented by a “sense of urgency” energy, enthusiasm, attention to detail and follow up.

    · Adaptability through quick, sound and positive decision making in rapidly changing conditions; anticipating, addressing and solving problems.

    · A relationship builder for cooperative, mutually beneficial and long-term relationships.

    · Personal presence projecting a professional image in speech and demeanor in interactions with others in multiple venues and scenarios.

    Benefits and Compensation

    Salaried Position

    • Paid Sick and Vacation Time
    • Long and Short Term Disability
    • Dental and Vision
    • Option for Retirement Plan


    205 Dry River Rd.

    Mailing: PO Box 245
    Bridgewater, VA 22812

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