This week, we’ll be updating you on the construction progress at Roberts Ct. and introducing our new full-time construction manager! The families have been out working tirelessly at Roberts Ct. getting their homes ready alongside our volunteers. The first of the two duplex dedications is coming up before you know it, and we’ll be dedicating 979 and 975 Roberts Ct. on March 17th.


Introducing Felix “Buddy” Reid, Construction Manager

We’re pleased to introduce our new hire, Felix Reid, but you can call him Buddy! We’re excited to have Buddy come to work with us here at Central Valley Habitat for Humanity so that we can continue to build capacity and use volunteers to the best of our ability on the construction site. Buddy is a Vietnam veteran that moved to the area in 1975 from Georgia, working previously as a property manager for Homeland Realty and a builder in the past several years.


“I’m very excited about Habitat for Humanity. I’ve never worked with you before but whenever you’re building a house I always sneak over and look at it,” said Buddy.


Encouraged by his family, Buddy applied to become the construction manager, citing his son as saying, “You’ve spent your whole life receiving and [building]…this is your opportunity to give back.” Buddy says that he has a long history of physically doing the work and building, but he’s excited to teach others. He currently teaches a class at local school Massanutten Technical Center on furniture building.


According to him, he’s “looking forward to dealing especially with the younger people [on site],” and helping us work with our local campus Habitat chapters at James Madison University and Bridgewater College.


Help us welcome Buddy in the next couple weeks, and if you see him on-site be sure to stop by and say hello!


Construction Updates for Roberts Ct. – January

Roberts Ct. has been a busy site recently! Families, volunteers and office staff have been out working to make sure the site is ready for the dedication in March. This Thursday, January 24 from 6:00 – 8:00 PM is a volunteer day, and Weavers Flooring America is coming to put down flooring in 975 and 979. The walls in that duplex are already painted thanks to work from our partner families and board members Larry Brown and Johann Zimmerman.


We’re getting ready to pour concrete for doors and parking areas and the cabinets went up in 965 and 969, which means we’ll be ready to start painting those duplexes this Thursday!


Finally, we’ve got plumbers lined up for next week to do some finishing work in 979 and 975.


Stay tuned as we approach the end of this build and soon we’ll be announcing our builds for 2019!


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