Tentral Valley Habitat for Humanity believes that everyone deserves a safe, decent, and affordable place to call home, both here and internationally! Part of being a Habitat affiliate is our international tithe partner program. This program gives Habitat affiliates in the United States the opportunity to tithe a portion of their donations to another Habitat for Humanity somewhere else in the world.

We recently celebrated serving 102 families internationally with a congratulations letter from Habitat for Humanity Zambia, where CVHFH’s tithe has been allocated.

“Habitat for Humanity’s tithe program supports carefully chosen building and shelter projects that provide housing in the world’s poorest places. Tithe funds allow families to stand on their own and build stronger, more stable communities.

We [HFHI] designated these places as Low-Income Tithe Priority Program Countries or LICs.

Habitat affiliates who want to support or partner with our international development programs channel undesignated funds to their country of choice through our U.S. Habitat for Humanity International Tithe department. Tithe is one of the most effective ways U.S Habitat affiliates can support our ministry overseas.” (excerpt from HFHI Tithing Partners)

By donating to our organization, you are providing local families in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County with housing that allows them to move from unsafe, substandard, or in some cases, no housing at all to an energy-efficient and affordable dwelling. Thanks to the tithe partnership, you will also be providing the same to families in high-poverty countries around the world.

Construction costs continue to rise here in the United States, and a house sponsorship with our organization that covers the initial costs of building is set at $50,000. In contrast, our tithe is only a portion of our funds. A decent home in high-poverty areas internationally may cost significantly less, allowing us to build more homes and serve more families in need.

For example, “A few hundred dollars can make a big difference. A decent home in Malawi, for example, can be built for as little as US $5,290. The home that serves at least 5 individuals comes complete with a ventilated improved pit latrine and family support related training.” (excerpt from HFHI Tithing Partners)

Is this something you’re passionate about but you’re not sure how to help? Donate! Every donation helps continue to break the cycle of poverty and provide financial, mental, and physical stability to those who need it most.