Build the Beloved Community

Help us fund the Beloved Community Build at Roberts Ct.

This year we’re joining Habitat leaders across the country to participate in the Beloved Community Initiative. Central Valley Habitat for Humanity is committing to help build the Beloved Community that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. envisioned, which provides access, equality, and opportunity for all.

We’re building strength, stability, and self-reliance.

This build will allow us to fund a third duplex at Roberts Ct. in Harrisonburg, providing two more local families with Habitat homes. This would complete our duplex builds and have created a small Habitat community. 

You can help us fund the Beloved Community Build in multiple ways, including online donation, Facebook fundraising campaigns, or by signing up for the Habitat Way Build Competition!


Why We Build

This will never be a world of equality, fairness and human decency, unless we build it. So we build. We’re building at Roberts Ct. to finish our Habitat community and promote diversity and equality in Harrisonburg.

How Can You Help?Take the Pledge!


Record yourself, your friends, family, work pals, office, etc. taking the pledge to build the beloved community and post it on social media! You can help us spread the word and acquire support.


I pledge to help build the beloved community.

I believe that every single one of us – regardless of who we are or where we come from – deserves a decent life. 

Like Dr. King, I believe in a beloved community of justice, equal opportunity and love of my fellow human beings. 

I want to help build a world that leaves no room for poverty, prejudice or violence.

I pledge to work together with my neighbors, side by side, to create strength, stability and self-reliance for all.

I ask others to join me – it’s up to us to make this a reality.


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