Throughout 2018 we’ve strived as an organization to be a place for everyone, somewhere that families in need can find a hand up, volunteers can donate their time and money to a good cause, and businesses and organizations can give back to their community. As we look back on a successful year that has seen us begin to build capacity, we’ve put together 5 words that we think best embody Central Valley Habitat for Humanity in 2019!


1: Build

2019 is going to be the year of building! We have projects planned all year in various areas of Rockingham County and Harrisonburg. This will include a project or two in Timberville, one on Kelly St. in Harrisonburg, and maybe more. As the year goes on we’ll keep everyone up-to-date with where we’re at in the construction process with photos and information from our Executive Director and Construction Manager.


These new builds will be coming right after we finish the current construction at Roberts Ct. in Harrisonburg. The two duplexes that we’ve built this year will allow us to place four families in early Spring. We’ll be sending out announcements for the dedication, you won’t want to miss it!


2: Community

We’ve been working hard to pair up with lots of local businesses for 2019 so that we can better serve the community! This upcoming year, you’ll see us working with businesses like Kline May Realty and Dynamic Aviation, as well as civic groups like the Broadway-Timberville Ruritans.


There are plans in the works to work with these businesses and civic groups to increase our publicity, reach, and influence in the community so that we can do more community projects, work on neighborhood revitalization, and get volunteers on the ground that live and work in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County.


We’ll also be partnering with Massanutten Technical Center and Blue Ridge Architects for the Kelly St. build as we pool our efforts to place two families in that area.


3: Volunteerism

This year we’re committed to making sure we work with volunteers of every age, situation, and more! Our staff and board of directors has been working diligently on a new directive for volunteers so that we can manage more, build more, and serve more! With so many building projects coming up, we’ll have lots of opportunities this year to have volunteers on-site. Even if you think you’re unskilled, we want you! You can sign-up to volunteer by filling out our online volunteer form and selecting how much experience you have with various aspects of construction, office work and more. If you don’t have any, don’t worry, we’ll teach you!


If construction isn’t your thing, try volunteering to clean the office, label newsletters, join a committee, walk in a parade, man an event booth, or bring food to our volunteers on-site. According to this article about the 15 Unexpected Benefits of Volunteering on The Balance Small Business website, volunteering helps you build bonds with others, improves self-esteem, gives you invaluable experience, helps with graceful aging, among much more!


4: Ripple (or a SPLASH!)

We’re committed to executing change in our community by helping low-income families in need. We don’t give our houses away, our families want to work and put in the hours on their home so that they can better their own lives and in-turn contribute to our community. We call this the Ripple Effect, which show that the Habitat approach has both economic and social benefits to the entire community.


One small change can have an enormous impact, just like throwing a stone into the water. It disturbs the surface tension around it, causing ripples from that center point. Habitat families are the same way!


When we help one Habitat family, the following happens in the community:

  • Property values increase when we build Habitat Homes in a community
  • Families begin paying real estate taxes
  • Families reduce their need for tax-supported assistance programs
  • Jobs are created as a direct and indirect result of Habitat construction
  • Students do better in school in a stable home environment


This means that from the 61 homes that we’ve built in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County, we’ve created $35,000 in real estate taxes that can be collected from our homes every year. This has enormous impact on the funding that the county and city have to work with!


5: Sustainability

Here at CVHFH, sustainability is one of our core values. It starts with our families gaining a place that they can call their home. Just like this article from Bustle says, we’re helping our families create a sustainable future for themselves.


By hiring new staff members, increasing our publicity and volunteers, partnering with more local organizations and working with our families, we’re not just building sustainability for the people we help, but for our organization as well. We are increasing capacity and building more homes every day, and with the help of supporters, donors, and volunteers like you, we can keep growing exponentially every year to help more people in need in our community!


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