(That Aren’t Just Direct Donations)

As a non-profit, we run completely on community support. Many people labor under the misconception that the only way to help us raise money is to make a direct donation; however, there are lots of unique ways that a single individual or even an organization can help us raise money for our mission!


We’ve put our heads together to come up with some of the most unique, effective ways that you can help us raise money this summer:


1. Donate a piece of art for a raffle

Holding a raffle can be a surprisingly easy way for us to raise money without adding a lot of man hours to our schedule or requiring a lot of volunteers. In the past, we’ve raffled off quilts, children’s playhouses and more, but a good piece of artwork can do just as well! 


If you’re an artist (or know someone who is, that might be willing to donate one of their pieces), it can be a tax writeoff for them and a wonderful opportunity to raise funds for us! 


Things that could be donated include:

  • Sculptures
  • Paintings
  • Mixed Media pieces
  • Baskets
  • Woodworking
  • Wreaths
  • Photography
  • Handcrafts
  • Quilts
  • Much more!


 2. Hold a Chicken BBQ Saturday/Sunday for us and donate the proceeds

If your church or organization has your own chicken BBQ pit, consider having a chicken bbq weekend where the proceeds benefit our organization! If your group plans on doing this, the staff from the office would probably love to come and help, as well as help you sell, on the weekend. We want to get to know the community and your group or congregation, so let us help you! 


3. Sponsoring/Holding a Benefit Event

Recently, the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Concert Band held a benefit concert one evening at Generations Park in Bridgewater. This was part of their summer concert series, and during the event they called for donations for Central Valley Habitat for Humanity. 


If you have a group or another organization that would be interested in holding a benefit event, we would love to partner with you! We can do the design of advertisements, pass along our logo, and generally promote the event on social media. Usually, someone from the office is able to attend the event to say a few words. 


The last benefit event that was held for us raised over $800 in one evening! 


4. Free – Will Donation Suppers

 We don’t know many people that don’t appreciate a good supper! In the past we’ve had spaghetti suppers or other dinner events put on by organizations that call for a free will donation to Central Valley Habitat for Humanity. Most often, we have someone available to come speak at the dinner or we can have a selection of our publicity materials (newsletters, brochures, etc.) available for you to put out on tables.


Advertising is a breeze, and we’re glad to put the word out to our community contacts to make the supper a huge success! 


5. Hold a Birthday Fundraiser Where You Ask for Construction Materials

Have you ever seen someone ask for donations of pet food or supplies for food banks for their birthday instead of gifts? How about construction materials! 


If you’re interested in having alternative birthday gifts, call our office and ask what construction materials we would like or need donated. We’ll work with you to compile a list of what to ask for, and then you can take it from there! This could be framing boards, windows, doors, the list goes on!

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