As a non-profit, our funding comes from the generosity of those in our local area. The Harrisonburg-Rockingham community supports many organizations just like ours because this area is full of those that want to give to others!


We frequently get asked where our donations come from, how many we get, etc., and while there are times of year that we receive more or less donations, we build homes year round for families in need.


A donation doesn’t need to be a large sum of money to make a difference, and we don’t need a large check in the mail, though we would certainly appreciate it! Everyone can make a difference in a small way, and if enough of those pile up then we can continue funding and building homes in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County.


This week, let’s explore three of the simple and easy ways anyone can help support donations to Central Valley Habitat for Humanity.


1. Donate Through Amazon Smile

Raise your hand if you buy things from Amazon.

 Is your hand up?

If yes, then you can donate to us every time you shop on Amazon without spending any extra money to do it!


Amazon Smile is a donation program through Amazon where you can go in through the Amazon Smile website and shop all the same products you could on the normal site. The difference? A portion of the proceeds made from your order comes back to us if you select us as your non-profit of choice!


Visit Amazon Smile next time you are getting ready for that huge Prime order and all you have to do it put the products you love in your cart and select Central Valley Habitat for Humanity. Donate to us every time you shop with no extra hassle!

2. Donate On Our Website

Donating to Central Valley Habitat doesn’t get much easier than going directly to our website and submitting a donation through our online form.  You can read our latest blog posts, sign-up to volunteer, and donate all in one place.


Visit, hover over the donate tab and then scroll down to “Give Now.” This will take you to our donation form. We have options for the most popular donation amounts that we receive, or you can select a custom amount that you would like to give.


This whole process occurs electronically and when we receive the donation we’ll make sure that you get a receipt for your generosity in the mail. 

3. Run a Facebook Donation Campaign

We’ve all seen the birthday donation campaigns on Facebook where you can help others raise money for their favorite causes.


If you have an event coming up that you might consider requesting donations for, consider Central Valley Habitat for Humanity! Select our non-profit when you set up the fundraiser and ask for donations to us for your next birthday, anniversary, or just because.

To learn more about Facebook donation campaigns, head to this link and find out how you can help us without hardly lifting a finger. Let the social platform reach those you care about and spread the word about the need for affordable housing in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County.

Don’t forget to like and share this post so that we can continue reaching everyone in our local community!


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Donate to us on Amazon Smile! Search for Central Valley Habitat for Humanity when you make Amazon purchases you would make anyway!