Thank you, Marsha!

The Board of Directors for Central Valley Habitat for Humanity has accepted the resignation of Marsha Smith as their Executive Director.  Marsha shared her thoughts:

After completing college, I had the typical idealistic dreams of making the world a better place to live and working for a service oriented entity.  In reality, I spent the next three decades working for a major corporation, where the pay was good and the fringe benefits many.  But that wasn’t everything.  On a whim, I applied for the position of executive director here at Central Valley Habitat for Humanity.  While I had volunteered with the affiliate, I had no experience in working for a non-profit.  I am grateful that the CVHfH board of directors took a chance on me.  During the past nine years, I have gained a much clearer understanding of the depth of work Habitat for Humanity undertakes.  I believe everyone can relate to the need for affordable housing in our community and worldwide.  The simple, decent homes we build with families provide the foundation for safety and security and serve as the center for family interaction, study and growth.  The relationship we have with our homeowner families is a partnership.  I have seen families deal with hardships, overcome obstacles, and celebrate triumphs.  I empathize with these families during their struggles and rejoice when goals are attained.

Together with the board, we continued to serve families and build houses while the economy was in recession, sought out new funding opportunities and worked with administrators able to help with closing costs.  The Harrisonburg - Rockingham County area is strengthened by an amazing group of volunteers who support our vision with monetary donations and service on our board and committees.  Others volunteer at our construction sites, helping us lower the cost of our projects. 

I have many fond memories of my time here at CVHfH, especially of partner families and volunteers.  In working with the board, we have gotten ourselves into some challenging situations and always managed to come out on the other side wiser and stronger.  Besides the adventures with families, volunteers, and the board, another highlight of my time at CVHfH was the evening I had the chance to meet President Carter, a longtime Habitat volunteer and a person I had admired for years as he exhibited humility and service to others.  President Carter immediately recognized the hammer lapel pins members of our group were wearing as a symbol of Habitat for Humanity.  He stepped forward, giving each one of us a hug.  Thanks to all for the opportunity to work and grow with you.

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